Terms & Conditions

Using this online store, you accept these terms and conditions. You acnowledge, that you have read understood and agree in full and are bound with these terms and conditions, by using this online store.

You must be at least 18 [eighteen] years old, to use this online store.

Validity of sale terms, price information and payment methods.

The terms of sale apply to purchase of products between GraphicsGrip (info@graphicsgrip.com) online store customer (hereafter referred to as „customer“) and GraphicsGrip (hereinafter referred to as online store graphicsgrip.com).

The online store graphicsgrip.com reserves the right to make changes to the terms of sale. These changes are reflected on the website graphicsgrip.com.

The online store graphicsgrip.com reserves the right to make changes in sales prices. These changes are reflected on the website graphicsgrip.com

All the prices are in euros.

At online store graphicsgrip.com it is possible to pay with VISA / Mastercard credit cards and the payments are mediated by Maksekeskus AS.

All payments are made in euros and deducted from the customer’s account in euros.

The online store graphicsgrip.com is the chief processor of personal data, the online store graphicsgrip.com forwards the personal data necessary for making payments to the authorized processor Maksekeskus AS.

A clause in the Law of Obligations Act (Võlaõigusseadus (VÕS)), allows non-return rights for digital goods, in § 493. Obligations of the consumer in the event of withdrawal of the contract: (6) In the case of a contract for the supply of digital content, the consumer shall not be obliged to reimburse the trader for the value of the digital content supplied to him, which was not forwarded on the physical medium. The 14-day right of return does not apply because no refund is required by supply of digital products under the Law of Obligations Act (Võlaõigusseadus (VÕS)).

Placing an order

Select design at online store graphicsgrip.com ONLINE SHOP menu.

Customize the design by clicking on selected design buttons: Add Text or Add Image.

Change colors, add text shadow or border to your own added text. Clicking on the added text field once will reveal text editor.

Change font size kerning and line height of the added text.

To purchase add your design to the cart.

To place an order, click on the “Checkout” link in the shopping cart.

Enter required Billing Details.

On the ordering page, fill in the required data fields correctly, because the accuracy and correctness of the provided information depends on the fast and smooth delivery of the e-greeting card and the subsequent possible settlement of disputes and claims.

Indicate that you have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions of sale and place an order by clicking on the button with this name.

You will be billed for payment. The invoice will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the Customer’s data.

After purchase you will be provided download links in JPG, PNG or PDF format or option to forward the file link directly from graphicsgrip.com webpage to your greeting receiver.

Sales Agreement

Sales agreement requires online store graphicsgrip.com to give or aquire product for the customer of online store graphicsgrip.com, enable the transfer of personalized online card ownership to the customer, while the customer is required to pay the online store graphicsgrip.com the background using fee.

Sales agreement is set after payment made by the customer to online store graphicsgrip.com bank account.

Delivery condition of the digital E-greeting card product/service

E-greeting card product/service will be delivered to customer in digital format, not in paper format.
Product/service will not be physically sent to customer.
Final product/service is downloadable JPG, PNG or PDF format file, which can be customized by customer by adding own picture/logo and/or text before file export.

By digital product there can not be applied right of return condition, unless customer can not open the digital product after the purchase of the digital product. If e-greeting card product can not be opened after the purchase of the product, please contact: info@graphicsgrip.com

Intellectual Property

All material on this online store is owned by online store graphicsgrip.com. You may not use the materials in online store in any other way than described in user manual available on graphicsgrip.com.

It is prohibited to republish or reproduce any part of this online store through use of screenscrapers. You are not allowed to reproduce, duplicate, copy or otherwise use material of graphicsgrip.com for commercial purpose in digital media and/or print media.

Design and Disclaimer of Warranty

Company graphicsgrip.com provides its designs on an „as is“ basis, without any representations or warranties implied. Graphicsgrip.com makes no warranty that it’s service will meet your quality or other requirements, or that the service will be available constantly, secure, or error free.

All texts and images added to the background, can not, and will not be moved to other location on the background. Existing text content and font on the background can not be moved and will not be moved on the background. Background selection has to be made by customer evaluating the excisting „as is“ background.

It is not allowed to hold graphicsgrip.com responsible for: spelling or grammatical errors made by the customer or low-resolution of uploaded background or background images, errors in user-selected options for design, and damage to the products arising after final delivery to the recipient.

Graphicsgrip.com can not be held responsible, as Your customized greeting card will hit a spam folder or be rejected and bounced back by the recipient’s mail server.

Force majeure

The online store graphicsgrip.com is not liable for damages caused to the customer, if the damage or delay in delivery of the online greeting card is due to circumstances beyond the control of the online store graphicsgrip.com.


If the customer has any complaints regarding the online store, they must be sent to e-mail address info@graphicsgrip.com.

If there is a dispute between customer and online store graphicsgrip.com, which can not be solved throgh negotiations and that results in litigation, than you can submit to jurisdiction of the courts of Republic of Estonia.